Sunday, April 17, 2016

Electric Motorcycle - SVe650

by Aaron

HackRVA'er Neal has been working on an electric motorcycle since the fall. And, he's already up and running. See the video above for the first road test.

More details on the build to come. We'll probably do a "featured project" on the main blog with links to build log and so forth eventually.

Check out Neal's progress!

RVA Create Space - A New Place to Do "STUFF" in Richmond

by Aaron

RVA Create Space is a new venture by HackRVA member Arthur to promote community, making, art, environmentalism, and creativity in Richmond.

So far, another HackRVA member has rented a workshop in the space for his fledgling metal working business, and several others have contributed or been involved in some way. Nice project Arthur!

Check out the links above to learn more.

Build Your Own Vegetable Raised Beds from Upcycled Pallets

Cat + Patio = CATIO

by Aaron

Built with scrap wood from the space, 2x4's, some metal fence-y stuff from lowe's, nail gun, and if not love at least grudging admiration for cat parkuur skillz.

The bottom pic is how we shaped the tunnel. Bought the cat door for about $15 on amazon (overpriced at pet store - per usual).

Also - design flaw/feature. We didn't put anything on the ramp for kitty to grip (like little strips of wood for feet - steps) so no he slides down on his butt. Cat Slide?

Strategic CATIO construction project phase 1 of 5 now complete.