Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Arduino, Freeduino, What Do We Know?

Sorry you missed it, but some insane fun went on in the AM at HRVA. Someone had the bright idea to take a bunch of people who couldn't solder their way out of a paper bag and teach them how to do it by having a class in the Capital Wasteland that not only gave you an important hacking skill, but it gives you a little programmable computer that you can go insane with to do amazing projects. Imagine, if you will, a fantastic little piece of silicone and metal that will obey your every command and make things move.

Robots, I'm talking about. Yes, robots.

Here's an example of one project put together successfully if poorly soldered:

It worked, which is a testament to the patience of the teachers. If you run across the young man that made this, don't feed him. He keeps showing up and no one knows where he came from. He just grunts and grumbles when we hit him out the door with the broom.

If that moron can make a mini-computer, you can do better, so come on in to HackRVA and say hello and join up to make awesome things yourself.

Seriously don't feed that guy though. Why is he here?

Boxes and Nothing More

Let's take a look at what's happening at HackRVA. We know where the action is at, and it can be only at one place.

The word is BOXES.

Six sides makes the magic. If you're not making boxes--what are you doing with your life? It's become an obsession with us. Michael made a pretty one with red velvet lining in a carefully laid out plan. Dustin made a sweet little laptop box with a Raspberry Pi, screen and keyboard and all. Both were awesome.

And then there's this thing Aaron made... 

It's his tri-copter house. Hey, tri-copters have it rough sometimes, so they sometimes can't afford the nicest accomodations, but at least it has a luxurious black pleather interior with well-meaning pop-rivet joinings. For a first attempt, I think it's a resounding success! 

Think you can do better? Let's get hacking and see what kind of awesome-sauce box you can make.